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Dedicated to serving our clients' needs for the past four decades


Mark Sprague, CSFP

Founder and President

Mark Sprague, CSFP, is a Chartered Senior Financial Planner and founder of Sprague Financial. Mark has drawn from his 40 years of financial planning experience to create a network of financial planning professionals.

His career began in Bakersfield, California at the Prudential Insurance Company of America in 1980. In his first year with Prudential, Mark was honored with the prestigious National Rookie of the Year Award.

In 1983, Mark started his own Insurance Agency, Mark Sprague Insurance and Financial Services, specializing in Business Insurance and Retirement Planning. Mark worked with some of the largest Insurance companies in the United States providing Group Health Insurance, Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans, Key Employee Life Insurance, Executive Bonuses Plans and Business Succession Planning.

Understanding that the baby boom generation was starting to retire, Mark’s practice shifted directions to financial planning for the elder client and focused on Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Income Planning, Tax Reduction Strategies, Annuities, Life Insurance and Wealth Transfer Solutions.

In 1994, Mark moved to California’s Central Coast after accepting a position with Transamerica Life Insurance Company in Santa Barbara. Mark continued to focus on financial planning for the elder client and in 1996 Mark became a Certified Estate Councilor.

In 2000, Mark moved to Nipomo, California and started working with ISN Advisors as an Asset Protection Specialist. Mark’s expertise was safe money management in Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans. Mark received ongoing training from the industry’s largest insurance companies and financial institutions. While working with ISN Advisors, Mark became a CSFP, Chartered Senior Financial Planner in 2006.

In 2008, Mark started Sprague Financial. In his 40 years of financial planning experience, Mark found that the best financial plans were the ones that had all of the financial professionals in communication and consultation with each other. Mark created Sprague Financial to fulfill this necessary step in a well-designed financial plan for his clients.

CA Lic. #0591223


Our Partner: Fran Tarkenton & Tarkenton Financial

Mark is proud to work with Fran Tarkenton and the team at Tarkenton Financial as an authorized, independent representative of Fran's firm. Tarkenton is not only a Hall of Fame quarterback, but a renowned entrepreneur and veteran of the insurance industry. Fran founded Tarkenton Financial in 2003 to help support independent financial professionals and educate retirees on the importance of guaranteed income. Mark has had a business relationship with Fran and his team for nearly 15 years. Through his partnership, Mark has access to insurance products, strategies, and resources that help educate his clients and meet their retirement income planning needs.

Sprague Financial and Tarkenton Financial are independent of each other.