• Five Essentials of Social Security Benefits

    You probably wouldn’t expect to know how to effectively use all the features of a specialty saw in a craftsman’s workshop without some instructions. Likewise, you shouldn’t expect to understand all the ins and outs of Social Security without a little help. Just like that specialty saw, Social Security is a tool you should try to thoroughly understand before...

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  • Social Security as a Tool for Financial Independence

    You may think of retirement simply as the time of life when your career ends, but it’s really so much more than that. Essentially, it’s the stage at which you have finally reached financial independence and can afford to leave your career and live comfortably without relying on an employer’s pay. Thinking of it this way can really help...

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  • Removing Financial Burdens with Life Insurance

    When you look at the big picture, retirement, estate, and legacy planning are completely overwhelming. For most of us, the idea of saving enough money to support ourselves during retirement, handle our burial and estate, and leave a meaningful legacy to our loved ones seems completely impossible without living throughout retirement on a shoestring budget. Before you lose hope,...

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  • Retirement Planning: Getting Started Checklist

    Retirement planning is, by far, the biggest planning challenge most of us will face in our lives. Because it’s not just about saving money, it’s about preserving a lifestyle. And it’s multi-faceted-with insurance and legacy planning as a big part of the process. Because we understand how overwhelming the prospect of retirement planning can be, we’ve created the following...

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  • What Pre-Retirees Need to Know about Taxes

    When was the last time you met someone who actually looked forward to tax season? If the answer is, “Never,” don’t worry—you’re not alone. Tax time is both stressful and confusing for everyone. To make it a little bit easier this year, here are a few things you should know. • Your Traditional IRA contributions may not be entirely...

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