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Planning for your retirement involves making critical decisions that will affect the financial health of you and your family. There are many complicated decisions to be made and the wrong choice could put your hard earned money at risk. To complicate the situation even more, retirees are often consulting with multiple advisors who don’t have the advantage of consulting within a network of planners who understand all of the contingencies that retirees will be faced with.

Our experienced team of financial professionals can suggest strategies that will provide you with a coordinated financial plan. In addition to guiding you through your own retirement planning, our network of Financial Planners, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Insurance Professionals and Government Benefit Planning Specialists can assist in the area of College and Educational planning for grandchildren, early retirement planning for your children and special needs planning.

With the bringing together of an experienced group of financial professionals, Sprague Financial, takes a team approach in assessing your Retirement and Estate Planning needs. Each team member plays a vital role to ensure that all threats to your family’s financial future are reviewed and that no area of your financial health is neglected.

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In my 33 years of financial planning experience I’ve seen a lot of financial mistakes made by good  people; by smart people it’s just that the client and the advisors never had a cohesive plan to ensure that all potential threats to the client’s financial well-being were identified and eliminated.

Instead, the client relied on multiple financial advisors (stock brokers, CPA’s, attorneys, insurance professionals etc.) who were working individually within their own area of expertise; all of whom gave independent financial advice without the benefit of understanding the entire financial plan and needs of the client. While their advice may have been good, the client didn’t achieve a greater financial benefit because there wasn’t a networking team making decisions on the financial plan.

A comprehensive and collaborative approach to your financial health is as important as it is your physical health. I’m sure all of you understand how important it is that all of your physicians, regardless of their specialty, are aware of what treatment the other physicians are prescribing.  There could be devastating effects to your health if you receive conflicting treatments. The same rule applies to your financial health.

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